Evergreen is the spouse of Camellia and a fellow member of Yule Team.

Season One Edit

Evergreen is quoted in the newspaper article about Holly's death, stating that the whole court experience was traumatic for Holly, especially when they "dragged her through the mud" and then announced she was facing a defamation of character suit (incorrectly described by Holly as "charges").

Evergreen reportedly urged Holly to seek counseling while Oak was on assignment, but Holly ignored the advice.

Early Life Edit


Yule Team Edit

Evergreen is the Insertion and Extraction Specialist on Yule Team. (And yes, the entire team makes terrible jokes about that job title.) Evergreen can drive, pilot, or ride practically any form of transportation, and also possesses a decent mechanical hand. Evergreen rarely sees much action, even during field missions. Evergreen is essentially the getaway driver.

Personal Life Edit

Religion Edit


Special Interests Edit

  • Cars/boats/planes
  • TEA
  • Cats
  • Smooth jazz
  • Reality TV
  • Homemade yogurt
  • Homemade beer

Fears and Triggers Edit

  • Deep water

Evergreen is involved in a polyamorous relationship with Camellia. Further information is currently unknown.

Evergreen and Holly enjoy a shared interest in mechanics and electronics respectively, occasionally working together to take down or build complicated systems.

Evergreen joins the rest of Yule Team for occasional dinner-and-a-board-game nights, where they eat, drink, play weird board games, and complain about work.

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