General Leia Janeway is a purry little ball of fluff Holly found behind a Burger King. She follows Holly around, sometimes darting off to do important cat business, but often honing in on Holly and darting back up to her for food or cuddles. She tolerates belly rubs from Holly but no one else. Her arch nemeses are shoelaces, spray bottles, and Willard.

Relationships Edit

Holly Edit

Leia has proven Holly's closest and most reliable friend since Transmission 3. Although reproachful about constantly getting stepped on in Holly's extra-clumsy condition, she seemed to forgive Holly, mostly. She accompanies Holly throughout her travels, stands watch during Holly's naps, and even tries to bring Holly still-living bugs and mice to hunt and eat.

Holly found Leia being picked on by birds behind a Burger King in Alabama. Holly chased the mean birds away and then gave Leia some of her cheeseburger. Leia devoured the cheeseburger and then rubbed up against Holly's hand, purring. She climbed onto Holly's belly and kneaded it before falling asleep, and from then on, she followed Holly everywhere. She was even napping in Holly's backpack when Holly set off the fireworks in Walmart and then went on the run.

The reason Leia always tries to bring food to Holly (and later Ivy) is because she's returning the favor and trying to thank Holly for the cheeseburgers (and then wet food, once Holly's living situation and finances became more stable). 

Ivy Edit

Leia loves Ivy, but kind of from a distance. Ivy cries a lot which irritates Leia and makes her meow at Holly to fix the problem so Ivy will be quiet. However, Leia frequently stands guard over Ivy, starting from when Leia used to nap on Holly's stomach and continuing into her snuggling against Ivy or lying in the door way.

Willard Edit

Leia distrusts men in general and she hates Thomas Willard. She frequently hisses at him, scratches him, and runs out of the room when he walks in. However, when Holly and Willard get into their shouting matches, Leia is always nearby. She will usually guard Ivy or else stand on the highest perch near Holly and growl at Willard.

Camellia Edit

Leia likes Camellia. When Camellia came to assist Holly on the day of the eclipse, Leia ran to the door meowing and then led Camellia to Holly, who was crying in the bathtub. Leia helped Camellia a little but she mostly tried to stay out of the way, especially because there was a lot of splashing water.

Ashley Edit

Leia is a little shy around Ashley, but she will usually come out eventually for pets.

Oak Edit

Leia has never met Oak, but if she had, she would probably support Holly's decision to cut off contact.

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