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April 17, 4:11 p.m. No indications of an alternate universe.

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Holly's (former?) teammate Camellia calls Holly to inform her about a doctor's appointment at the VA clinic the next morning. Willard ordered Camellia to call Holly when she refused to answer his messages. Apparently something in Holly's conversation with Oak alerted Willard/the military that Holly might need medical intervention or at least monitoring.

Camellia tells Holly she has been granted "provisional approval to continue the field assignment, pending on signed approval from a physician," so Camellia will pick Holly up at 0800 the next day. Camellia also wants to chat with Holly afterward, is the latter is agreeable.

Camellia is being sent to escort Holly to her appointment due to her being the closest thing Holly has to a friend, and they think that will produce better cooperation. Camellia stresses that the appointment is NOT optional, and that things won't go well for Holly if she tries to run away.

If all the tests go well, Holly can stay in the field. If not, she'll have to start all over again in January. But Camellia hopes that by then it won't be necessary and Holly won't have to.

Camellia is hurt that Holly didn't tell her about Operation Symbiosis beforehand. She also complains that Willard refuses to believe that Camellia didn't know, so he's pissed at her as well for "withholding mission critical information." Camellia sighs and says she's sure Holly had her reasons.

She was surprised to hear that Holly was so determined to stick with both her field assessment and Operation Symbiosis. However, she says that Holly seems to know what she wants from life, so Camellia hopes it's everything she wants. She also reminds Holly she can call the field assessment off at any point, since "the Brass" don't want anyone to die.

Since Holly never checks her voicemail, Camellia hangs up and texts her all the information.

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