Yule Team is the name of the spec ops infiltration team Holly is communicating with through her broadcasts.

Members Edit

Structure Edit

Yule Team is more or less off-book, one of a few special teams under Willard's command. They frequently work with other agencies, most frequently CSIS in Ottawa. They have also worked jointly with the CIA, DIA, NSA, and MI-6. Despite the ranks of the Marines involved in the team, it's typically just the four of them; they rarely command other Marines outside domestic exercises.

Personal Edit

The members of Yule Team get along relatively well. Evergreen and Oak are the most distant, occasionally experiencing friction, but never enough to damage a mission. Evergreen and Camellia are married to each other, and both are very friendly with Holly (with Camellia a little closer to her). After Holly stops using most drugs, Oak and Camellia occasionally snort cocaine together without her.

The members of Yule Team meet occasionally for dinner-and-a-board-game nights, where they eat, drink, play weird board games, and complain about work. They always have an invitation to General Willard's parties, which are slightly more formal.

The team has two group chats, one with Willard and one without. The one without Willard tends to have an off-color jokey name, and the members use it for everything from memes to serious (non-confidential) discussions about work, such as Holly's case. Holly has been known to tamper with Oak's autocorrect to change especially annoying/prevalent words (such as "protein" and "HOOAH") to funny phrases.

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